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Saturday: 8AM-2PM

Complete Detail Includes:


Engine, Trunk, Wheels, Tires


Wash, Machine Buff & Hand Wax


Clean Carpets, Seats, Door Panels & Dash

There is no guarantee of services and/or cleanliness. Must note any and all discrepancies and/or uncleanliness, prior to leaving location of Professional Detail with staff.


Any and all discounts, offers, advertisements, pricing and/or coupons cannot be combined and is subject to change without further notice.


Hand Wash

Trucks, Cars & SUV's $25 to $35


Hand Wash & Wax

Cars $50-$60

Trucks, Vans & SUV's $50 to $65


Buff & Wax Exterior

Cars $125

Trucks & SUV's $135-$165


Clean Interior

Cars $80 to $125

Trucks & SUV's $125 to $150


Hand Wax & Clean Interior

Cars $150

Trucks & SUV's $150 to $200


Engine Clean

Cars $25

Trucks & SUV's $25


Complete Detail

Cars $160 to $200

Trucks & SUV's $180 to $250


NOTE: Complete detail includes:

Clean Engine


Wheels & Tires

Wheel Wells

Exterior Wash

Machine Buff

Hand Wax


Clean Carpet


Door Panels


NOTE: All prices are estimates. Exact price will be given when we see the vehicle. All pricing is subject to change without further notice. There are no guarantees of services and/or products.


Must approve all services prior to leaving Professional Detail with vehicle. Once vehicle has left our property, agreement of services ends.


FlightShield is a crystal clear nano-coating that was originally developed for the aerospace industry to protect and enhance the paint on aircraft. FlightShield has now expanded to the automotive and marine industry and is available through our network of authorized applicators. 

FlightShield chemically bonds to paint to become a new surface and protective layer offering an ultra-smooth, high gloss, resistant coating. This coating stands between harmful contaminants and the surface, providing exceptional protection and gloss retention. FlightShield also offers the finest paint revitalization system in the industry. Our revolutionary process restores paint and gel coat to look like new. We guarantee it!

Ultimate Protection

Shield your automobile or vessel from climates and contaminants that cause premature aging of the paint, oxidation and fading.

Superior Paint Revitalization

Restore aging and faded paint to its original look and brilliance for a fraction of the cost of repainting the vehicle or vessel.

Maximized Appearance

Flightshield’s high-gloss finish sets your auto or vessel apart from the rest—and is sure to stand out at the lot or on the dock.